Wicked Kreations was established in 2014 by two brothers born and raised in sonoma county. We are a custom metal fabrication shop specializing in Club Swag, hood props, door props.  . We Produce Anything from automotive parts to wall art.  



  • Custom 4x8 CnC Plasma Table
  • Hypertherm Powermax 65 (5/8 cut thickness)
  • Jet  BPF-1450, 50" X 14 Gauge Box & Pan Brake
  • Jet, 6" X 48" Combination Belt And 12"  Disk Finishing Machine
  • Light Gauge Tubing Roller
  • Custom Tubing Bender (up to 2" x 1/4 wall tubing)
  • 14" M.K. Morse Metal Chop Saw